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      2. Products

        Add: Tangxi Industrial Park, YuhangDistrict, Hangzhou City, ZhejiangProvince, China 311106
        Contact:Manager Zhu

        Custom service

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        More than 300 reactors with capacities range: 100-5000L(stainless and glass),
        including:  High pressure reactors: with total capacity of 28 m3, Hydrogenation reactors: with total capacity of 9 m3.
        Pilot workshop: more than 20 reactors with capacities range: 100-1000L.
        GMP standard clean room: total area of 400m2, with class 100000.
        Operation condition:(1) Reaction pressure: maximum up to 5.0MPa
        (2) Reaction temperature: -70°c - +200°c
        (3) Reaction maximum vacuum: ≤1mmHg
        Reaction type:(1) Grignard reaction
        (2) Halogentation
        (3) Reformatsky reaction
        (4) Diazotization
        (5) Hydrongen reduction
        (6) Carbonylation
        (7) Glycosylation reaction
        (8) Chiral induction reaction